e-Tech Simulation offers a line of advanced maritime simulators for training marine officers and crew through a full range of marine operations. The simulators provide a highly reliable virtual environment which provides significant training, efficient and safe, using cost-effective platforms.

Simulation technology can be used effectively to meet training needs include improving multiple levels of processes and equipment familiarization, mandatory work meeting, evaluation and assessment, contingency planning, emergency services and the development of many other abilities.

Simulators are built using technologies, and provide a virtual experience, intense and immersive characterized by high precision replica of actual equipment performance, advanced visualization and complete integration of hardware systems.

Our simulators are designed from the start as a modular system, allowing users to dynamically increase the scope and size of the equipment over time. The system design is evolving following the suggestions and needs of users, expert advice and the evolution of technology.

We also offer additional training tools which can expand the learning platform seamlessly from the simulator to other places, including mobile locations and ship. IRIS Our platform provides the flexibility to communicate, through the use of simulation technology, lessons learned directly to the ship and the entire organization.


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