Harbour Crane Simulators from e-Tech have the technology necessary for the simulation as a means of training and learning to its full advantage. With this technology we form practical operators to have the ability to control any risk situation because they are trained in safe environments that replicate real experiences, accidents, climate change and damage of equipment to learn the protocols to follow in each of these.

e-Tech Simulation designs and manufactures hardware parts of the simulator in the United States based on the specific needs of each project and thinking about the development of training systems that make a production process with optimal results for the entity that acquires.

e-Tech offers different levels of service, designs and manufactures the most advanced simulators for operator training and also provides turnkey solutions offer a comprehensive training package called DIESEL (Dynamic Instructional and Educational e-Lab Simulation). DIESEL solutions ranging from architectural design, including high-tech simulators, methodologies and training full academic curriculum coaches.

e-Tech Simulation is proud to be part of the main companies’ guild simulation as:

1. NTSA - National Training and Simulation Association

2. NDIA - National Defense Industrial Association

3. AAPA - American Association of Port Authorities



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