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We specialize in taking care of Government companies in general. Especially research centers, State-owned enterprises, public institutions, among others. Our portfolio of specialized products fits the government research needs, facilitating the development and research processes.

  • proquest


    ProQuest Central is the biggest indexed full-text database of the current market, with thousands of regular publication titles and millions of full-text articles available. It helps as a central resource for researchers of all levels from all markets, covering more than 175 subjects.
    ProQuest Central offers access to millions of coveted full-text articles from scientific magazines, but also offers access to information not available in other indexed resources, such as:
    • Hundreds of important full-text international, Canadian and U.S journals, as well as exclusive access to the full-text of The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times
    • Over 110.000 full-text dissertations within the area of economics and business, psychology, physical sciences, health, education, etc, that help final users to create a more efficient result set
    • Concise business information arising from thousands of reports from the market of 43 industries from 40 countries, among which are the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asian Pacific, North America, and Latin America.



  • proquestdis


    One of the main sources of investigation for researchers. Its contents include doctoral and masters dissertations from over 3000 institution around the world. With more than 170 subject areas this database charges annually more than 200.000 documents. It is known for being the official repository of the Library of Congress of the U.S.



  • health

    Health & Medical Collection

    The Health & Medical Collection is a comprehensive medical information resource for researchers, students, faculty, and healthcare professionals. Inside users will find biomedical content from MEDLINE®, built on a core of premier scholarly journals in full text such as The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and The BMJ (expected April 2016).
    This database includes medical reference ebooks, instructional videos, dissertations, and working papers. As the study of medicine is an evidence-based discipline, the Health & Medical Collection includes thousands of evidence-based articles and clinical trial records.



  • healthres

    Health Research Premium Collection

    The Health Research Premium Collection is uniquely suited for libraries whose users require content for learning and researching medicine and related subject areas. Our content helps health science librarians meet the research needs of many audiences, whether it’s supporting a clinical research study or providing faculty with instructional multimedia content to help students connect theory to practice.




  • global

    Global Newsstream

    Global Newsstream enables users to search the most recent global news content – with archives that stretch back into the 1980s – from over 2,500 news sources including newspapers, newswires, news journals, television and radio transcripts, blogs, podcasts, and digital-only websites in full-text format. Global Newsstream provides one of the largest collections of news from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Australia. Global Newsstream incorporates the U.S. Newsstream, Canadian Newsstream, and International Newsstream databases. All titles are cross searchable on the ProQuest platform.




  • usnews

    US Newsstream

    US Newsstream provides users the possibility of searching in the current main contents from the United States press, with archives that stretch back into the 1980s, including newspapers, news agencies, blogs, and active full-text websites. It offers exclusive access to Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and co-exclusive access (along with Factiva) to The Wall Street Journal. US Newsstream also offers one of the biggest collection of regional and local newspapers.



  • canews

    Canadian Newsstream

    Canadian Newsstream provides users with unmatched access to current Canadian news content with archives as far back as the 1970s, from over 360 news sources. Newspapers including The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star along with newswires and broadcast transcripts in full-text format. Canadian Newsstream content is updated daily so researchers always have timely access to new information.



  • international

    International Newstream

    International Newsstream provides the most recent news content outside of the US and Canada, with archives which stretch back decades featuring newspapers, newswires, and news sites in active full-text format