For many years, Virtra firearms trainers have developed training based on the old saying: “Train like you fight because you will fight like you train.” This proven philosophy applies to all aspects of training, even more so in firearms simulation. Whether you are an athlete, an artist or Law Enforcement professional, skills mastery requires repetition of proper technique until the ability to perform no longer requires conscious thought; it becomes second nature. What you practice in training will be repeated on the street under the pressure of a real life or death encounter. This was tragically illustrated during the infamous “Newhall Incident” in 1970. That incident has impacted training procedures for enforcement agencies nationwide. These changes had not been incorporated into the simulation industry until now. Both good and bad habits are learned through repetition. Simulators traditionally have always involved a single screen directly in front of the trainee. The officers we have spoken to have told us that this method instills and reinforces the issue of tunnel vision.

Simulation with Consequence

Enhances realism and effectiveness of training - Standard setting of just 30 milliseconds of impulse adds stress and real-world consequences to training

Lightweight - Patented, compact, clip-on device weighs approximately one pound

No aiming required - Trainer can focus fully on the trainee

Wireless - (Requires wireless station)

Environmentally Friendly - Powered by rechargeable battery pack

Compatibility - Fully integrated into Our simulators

Safe - No eye protection or clean up required. Fail-safe impulse protection

Adjustable - Impulse adjustable from 0.2 to 2.5 seconds wirelessly via instructor accessory controller

Effective - Can penetrate many layers of clothing.


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