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We focus on providing solutions to companies and organizations in their sectors of research and development. Our corporate products will provide up-to-date and cutting-edge information on economic, innovative themes and reports of other companies at their fingertips.

  • business

    Business Premium Collection

    The Business Premium Collection combines our most popular business databases to provide your library with a truly comprehensive business research solution. By adding specialty business subject resources to the broad coverage of the ABI/INFORM Collection, you can meet the needs of more of your patrons no matter what their specialty.        



  • abi

    ABI INFORM Collection

    ABI/INFORM Collection está compuesta por ABI/INFORM Global, ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry y ABI/INFORM Dateline. Esta base de datos consta de miles de revistas a texto completo, tesis doctorales, documentos de trabajo, publicaciones clave de negocios y economía como The Economist, informes centrados en sectores y países, y datos descargables. Su cobertura internacional ofrece a los investigadores una visión completa del ámbito y las tendencias empresariales de todo el mundo.



  • accounting

    Accounting Tax & Banking Collection

    It possesses a recompilation of academic and global magazines with key resources to obtain in an efficient way precise results about news and current subjects, as well as tendencies and history that influence fiscal and accountable issues more relevant on the agenda.



  • leader


    Library of business resumed books. The best option to stay updated and informed on the research and publication about subject areas such as Marketing, Economy, Business, among others. 



  • oxford


    Interactive tool that allows teaches, students, and researchers to review economic indicators, perform analysis in the same platform and consult different research projects on financial analysis around the world. 



  • vlex


    Legal, fiscal and corporate information. Comprised of updated documentation, with over 7.000 documents among books and full-text journals. An essential tool for accountants and businessmen.



  • statistical


    The Statistical Premium Collection is built to find statistics and data and presents the best socioeconomic statistics, reports, and data available for researchers in the social sciences, business, and economics. It features the long-standing Statistical Insight Collection, International Datasets, and the Statistical Abstracts Collection (comprised of the award-winning Statistical Abstract of the United States and Statistical Abstracts of the World).



  • proquest


    ProQuest Central is the biggest indexed full-text database of the current market, with thousands of regular publication titles and millions of full-text articles available. It helps as a central resource for researchers of all levels from all markets, covering more than 175 subjects.
    ProQuest Central offers access to millions of coveted full-text articles from scientific magazines, but also offers access to information not available in other indexed resources, such as:
    • Hundreds of important full-text international, Canadian and U.S journals, as well as exclusive access to the full-text of The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times
    • Over 110.000 full-text dissertations within the area of economics and business, psychology, physical sciences, health, education, etc, that help final users to create a more efficient result set
    • Concise business information arising from thousands of reports from the market of 43 industries from 40 countries, among which are the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asian Pacific, North America, and Latin America.



  • proquestdis


    One of the main sources of investigation for researchers. Its contents include doctoral and masters dissertations from over 3000 institution around the world. With more than 170 subject areas this database charges annually more than 200.000 documents. It is known for being the official repository of the Library of Congress of the U.S.