CloudLabs virtual labs are the most advanced platform application simulators for physical laboratories available today for teachers and students.  Through more than 100 labs in the area of basic Natural Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics; students can interact with field specific standard instruments and tools to compliment their mastery of scientific concepts. For more information clic here


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    • CloudLabs offers the most advanced multi-platform application of interactive laboratories in which students can practice and reinforce concepts learned in class.

    • CloudLabs focuses on the areas of Chemistry, Physics, and Natural Science offering students a hands-on virtual experience that fosters a full range of scientific skills including inquiry, problem solving, and analytical thinking.

    • Practicing scientific concepts and lab exercises are FUN and SAFE with innovative CLOUDLABS.

These Virtual Labs serve as a teaching support systems, which strengthen the learning process of Natural Science, Physics, and Chemistry. It provides students with hands-on lab activities which may not have been available for them otherwise, due to equipment or safety restrictions. CloudLabs guides the learning experience associated with these scientific subjects, strengthening the students use of information, and promoting better laboratory safety. Given that CloudLabs uses a virtual laboratory, students may practice and complete exercises, without having to handle flammable, acidic, or unstable materials, which may pose a risk to the safety of the student and facilities (equipment, environment, staff, faculty). The Virtual Laboratories will provide the student with the ability to perform different activities and experiments related to specific areas of knowledge. They serve as a technological learning tool with the capacity to emulate scientific reactions and phenomena which occur in the real world. CloudLabs simulates both the physical facilities and all relevant instruments, that are used in correlation with Physics, Chemistry, and Natural Science laboratories.



CloudLabs simulators have the following components:
    • 2D Simulators, programmed to behave like the real equipment

    • 3D Simulators have been developed in a video game platform

    • Multimedia Content

The combination of these three components, aid the student in developing the necessary proficiency in the scientific areas of biology, chemistry, and physics.


    • Scope: Physics, Chemistry, and Natural Science (includes biology).

    • Labs and content developed to compliment and satisfy the educational system’s standards.

    • Available online and offline.

    • Functions on tablets which use the iOS and Android operating systems.

    • Option of integration with LMS.

    • Unlimited Access 24/7

    • Access is fast and immediate