About E-Tech

E-Technologies Solutions, Corp, (e -Tech) is a new innovative corporate concept founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in May 2000. An important part of our corporate plan is to be closer to our users, so the Board of Directors of e-Technologies Solutions, Corp., decided to move the Headquarters from Ann Arbor, Michigan to West Palm Beach, Florida on March 14, 2003. The change has allowed a remarkable approach to our customers and users, attending their requests in an efficient way, with resources in Spanish.

e -Tech has developed a competitive core of electronic content - e-content and distance education - e-learning in the industry of digital libraries - e-libraries, integrating innovative technologies focused on the teaching and learning through the Internet, promoting solutions creative for the academic and corporate markets.

This new concept of e -content and e -learning is a complete solution, which includes those technology components more sophisticated available in the educational area, offering solutions electronic for the digital world (e-solutions for the e-world).

e-Tech in an effort to always be at the forefront of education technology and training, has created a simulation division called e-Tech Simulation, www.etechsimulation.com  which will provide the training and education for construction, mining, ports and industry machinery in general.