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A new direction for 2019

e-Tech Solutions Corp. participates in our great change of address.

In this new year, and due to a turnaround from one of our suppliers, we want to reaffirm our services as ideal partners in your information and knowledge acquisition processes.

On January 4, 2019 ProQuest made the decision to be at the head of its own commercial strategy in Latin America. In the face of such an event, our company has decided to take the opportunity to grow and strengthen its complementary training and education services for students and professionals, thanks to the quality of its human capital and its long history in the field of information management and education.

Any matter related to the electronic resources and platforms of ProQuest will be attended directly by the direct team of your company. If you have any questions or comments about it, we ask you to send it to Nilton Oliveira, who is the sales director of Latin America, through one of the following resources:


Nilton Oliveira – Latin America, Central America & Caribbean Sales Director
ProQuest | Rua do Russel 804 - 4º andar – Glória, RJ/RJ – CEP: 22210-010
E-mail: nilton.oliveira@proquest.com Office:+55 11 3042-8980 M:+55 11 96225-1026


e-Tech Solutions, Corp. and all its team remain at your complete disposal, to answer any questions about it.


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Frequent questions

To consult product information or make requests on the ProQuest Data Base platforms, Factiva, ProQuest Dialog and ProQuest Ebooks can consult ProQuest Support Center


Contact Information for Product Requests:

Ebook Central ebooksupport@proquest.com
Plataforma ProQuest tsupport@proquest.com
Refworks refworks.support@exlibrisgroup.com
Pivot pivot.support@exlibrisgroup.com
Safari O´reilly customercare@oreilly.com


Consult Ex Libris Support Center for 360 service, Intota, Summon, Ulrich, Pivot, Refworks

  1. Select the product you wish to consult

  2. In the search box enter one word that is related to your primary consult


Service Failure

To make a service failure report contact the ProQuest support team through "tsupport@proquest.com" When you send your request you will receive a case number that will be used to follow-up on the case.


a. See the list of contact information by product

b. Send the full name of your institution

c. A screen shot that shows the URL access

d. Brief description of the situation, problem, or request.


The support centers have information on the functionalities of the platforms, products, tutorials and user guides.




Usage Statistics

ProQuest Platforms have an administrator module that allows users to consult and download usage reports. Request your administrator account through the Support Center of the corresponding product.

Ebook Central

Plataforma ProQuest



Title List

Generally this information is available in the administrator module, or you can consult a specific product with the following link.



Marc Records

Within the administrator module, the platforms have an option to download the marc records according to the products you subscribe.


ProQust Congressional

ProQuest Database


Renewals and Billing

All commercial agreements made with e-Tech will be respected until January 3, for any further inquires please contact your ProQuest commercial representative. If your renewal process has not been completed, please contact:

Nilton Oliveira nilton.oliveira@proquest.com"

E-Tech customer services team continues to be a point of contact for any additional questions customerservice@etechsolutionscorp.com


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